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Why should I wash my House?

Washing your home's exterior is very important to do.

below I will discuss a couple reasons why. 

White Two-story Home

Exterior Paint maintenance 

We all can agree that exterior paint makes houses look brand new. But, buildup of dirt, mildew, and algae can dull the paint's appearance. Our soft wash chemicals will remove organic material and not harm the paint. Most all paint manufactures recommend cleaning the exterior with these same chemicals at least once a year.

Dollar Bill in Jar

Property Value

Whether you are trying to sell your home, rent, or just want a beautiful clean looking home, cleaning your exterior adds property value. Any real estate expert can tell you that having a clean exterior can add up to 5% in property value.

Sanitizing Spray Bottles

Protecting against Germs 

Anything that builds up on the exterior of the home can eventually make its way inside. Such as, insects, algae, mold, and mildew. The soffits of your house are not impenetrable. Having them cleaned with our soft wash chemicals will sanitize the exterior and keep viruses and germs from making their way into your home. 

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